Proof of Concept

Pilot Test CXO-Cockpit With Your Own EPM Data

We can set-up a fully working Proof of Concept (POC) in a matter of 4 days, regardless of the EPM source. The CXO-Cockpit Proof of Concept will be built upon the data and meta-data structures from your own EPM application.

Our ability to execute Proofs of Concept in such a short time frame is a result of our direct EPM connectivity and out-of-the-box connectors and best-practice templates for finance reports and dashboards."


Prove the benefits to Your Organization

Our Proof of Concept will be based on your organization's reporting requirements in order to provide you with the assurance and support you seek. As part of the PoC process, CXO-Cockpit will deliver, design and present the end result of your transformed financial reporting to the relevant stakeholders.

  • Confirm that the CXO-Cockpit Performance Reporting Solution can be easily deployed to your systems.
  • Showcase the solution to your stakeholders based on your own EPM data.
  • Confirm that CXO-Cockpit meets your business needs. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your Proof of Concept consultation

Proof of Concept Performance Reporting

This Proof of Concept is a pilot that will help you establish the business case within your organization.

Additionally, you will get to know the team who will be working on your implementation

and be able to make a risk free impact on your business.