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CXO-Cockpit has active user groups in several countries. If you are interested to establish a user group or you'd like to receive support from CXO-Cockpit for an existing user group, please contact us.

CXO-Cockpit on LinkedIn

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CXO-Cockpit Customer Advisory Board

Built by financial professionals, for financial professional, our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) plays a key role in our customer-driven product development strategy, ensuring that we stay close to our customers´ evolving needs and challenges and continue to deliver the high value and finance-driven functionalities they expect.


Customer Advisory Board Conference

AGORA semi-annual Customer Advisory Board Conference

Agora /ˈæɡərə/; Ancient Greek: Ἀγορά Agorá) was a central spot in ancient Greek city-states, a central gathering place or assembly and the center of athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city. In the same way the CXO-Cockpit customer conferences have become the gathering place for financial and EPM professionals to share best practices about Strategic Performance Reporting among peers, and directly influence the CXO-Cockpit product roadmap.

To register or learn more about the next AGORA Conference, follow our events calendar or contact us