Aha! Feature Request Portal


Do you have an idea for a feature to be added to CXO-Cockpit?

Aha! Feature Request Portal is a portal where registered CXO-Cockpit users can post ideas, vote and comment on them. The portal also allows you to see the posted ideas of others and follow the implementation status of your ideas within our product development roadmap.

How does it work?

By using this portal, you ensure that our product management team directly receives your ideas and can get back to you for further details and clarification if needed. Once our product management team approves the feature request it will be added to our product roadmap. The status of a feature request can be checked at all time within the portal.


Visit the Aha! Portal here >> 

In case you are a CXO-Cockpit user and do not have a login code, please contact our support desk by email [email protected]