Predictive Analytics

Make better decisions driven by automated forecast modelling. Merging predictive analytics with traditional data can make you stand out from the competitors. Foresee trends, focus on the data that actually matters and provide the CFO and CEO with the ability to forecast the company’s overall direction. Plan ahead and help the business move forward!



Enhanced Analytics

Performance Tiles

Gain a broader perspective and overview with the new CXO-Cockpit Performance Tiles. Have all Key Performance Indicators in a single overview for the quickest analysis and easiest comparison.

Drilldown on Columns

Dive even deeper by expanding your multi-column horizontally and being able to view all the sub-section information. Find deeper insights and understand what makes up the figures.


Access External Systems using Dynamic Hyperlinks

Get the freedom to quickly access external information when needed. With an integrated hyperlink in your reports, internal or external links are now just a click away.


Enhanced Multi Source Support

We are continuously improving and supporting the use of multiple sources within CXO-Cockpit. With release 6.3 we have added new multi source "out-of-the-box" reports, we have also expanded the methods by which you can extract data into CXO-Cockpit.



New Options to Build Powerful Reports

Dynamic Report Titles

Dynamic Labels tell you exactly what you are looking at and automatically change as you work. The text is generated by an expression which uses the short name of the desired dimension.


Column Dropdown Selector

Get more flexibility by grouping columns. The column selector helps to keep things uncluttered while still providing powerful reports.


Responsiveness for Free-format Reports

CXO-Cockpit now automatically adjusts the height and position of the free format report tables, objects and charts. Ensuring the best user experience regardless of the device or screen size used.