Data Warehouse Adapter™

The Data Warehouse Adapter allows to upload any kind of spreadsheet data to CXO-Cockpit. This new source can then be used to build new reports or enrich existing reports with additional analytical detail.  The Data Warehouse Adapter is typically used for unmodeled, non financial data such as sales details, product forecasts, HR overviews and HSE reports. 




Enriched Reports in 3 steps

Data Warehouse Adapter architecture for uploading non financial data to CXO-Cockpit

1. Create

Create a report in the CXO-Designer with additional input fields.

2. Enrich

Simply Copy & Paste your Spreadsheet data into the Data Loader Report.

3. Analyze

Review and Share the complete view in your CXO-Cockpit Dashboards.


Centralize the unstructured, and scattered data files

Key value-added data are often scattered into separate excel or other local files. By importing these files into CXO-Cockpit you gain access to powerful and interactive reports that provide you with deeper insights.

Sharing data safely and securely without compromise

Every department needs access to certain parts of the data. With CXO-cockpit the right people always have access to the most up to date information, which they can securely access from the office or on the go.

Create High-impact multi source reports

CXO-Cockpit allows you to combine multiple data sources into a single report. You can connect newly uploaded data to already existing core EPM data, enriching the current reports and allowing for a much greater oversight.

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