CubeCalcs™ Managed Reporting Rules

CXO-Cockpit CubeCalcs is a business reporting rules library with Excel-like formulas, centrally managed by finance.

CXO-CubeCalcs Reporting Rules automate repetitive manual reporting tasks and calculate indicators that are not available in the source EPM system. CubeCalcs eliminate error-prone, manually maintained spreadsheet hard-coding.


CXO-Cockpit CubeCalcs Reporting Rules

Eliminate Hard-Coded Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet based reporting allows for hard-coded and distributed reports that represent multiple versions of the truth and are highly error prone.  CXO-CubeCalcs offer the full flexibility of spreadsheet-coding with the control of a centrally managed solution. 

Speed up the closing process

CubeCalcs speed up the reporting cycle and eliminate errors, by automating the repetitive, periodically recurring calculations and corrections.

Centrally Managed Reporting Rules

CubeCalcs are MDX programmed calculations that are executed dynamically, when the CXO-Cockpit report is opened. 

CXO-Cockpit CubeCalcs Centrally Managed Reporting Rules


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