Finance Managed Reporting with CXO-Designer™

The CXO-Cockpit is a fully finance managed reporting solution. Through the web-based CXO-Designer administrative interface, finance is not only able to create, manage and distribute new reports and dashboards. They can also centrally manage rights and roles, business specific reporting rules, and EPM metadata. Minimizing the need for IT support or consultancy, introducing true finance managed reporting. 



CXO-Designer is completely web-based and can be accessed through any web-browser. Handing finance the means to manage the reporting process whenever, wherever. And to become agile and responsive to new reporting requests. 


CXO-Designer puts finance in full control with a flexible security model based on both data-based & report-based security and the strong audit trail functionality tells you who viewed which reports and when.


CXO-Designer allows for multiple report creators to work together on a single report or visualization simultaneously, responding to new reporting needs faster with more flexibility and control compared to Excel-based reporting. 

Finance Managed Solutions

If you would like to see how CXO-Designer puts finance back in control of their reporting processes with a fully finance managed solution contact us today for a live demonstration or watch the videos on our academy channel. 


finance managed reporting

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