Reporting Packs Made Dynamic with Storyboards

CXO-Cockpit Storyboards truly enables financial storytelling. Compose interactive reporting packs with selected Point of Views and comments to convey the message behind the numbers. Guide the end user towards the key insights, and share your story securely and easy. 

Presenting and distributing Storyboards

The CXO-Viewer is a simplified end user interface, optimized for reviewing storyboards and bookmarked reports securely via a browser or the CXO-Viewer mobile app. CXO-Viewer is the ideal way to distribute your month-end, quarter-end or flash results to a larger audience, including executives outside the finance office.  

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Creating reporting packs with CXO-Cockpit storyboards


Automating reporting packs

With CXO-Cockpit Scripted Storyboards, reporting packs are generated automatically, with updated content. Eliminating repetitive reporting pack creation tasks. 

Exporting Storyboards

CXO-Cockpit Storyboards can be exported to any traditional office format such as Excel, PowerPoint or PDF, to support your current reporting and distribution processes. 


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