Reporting Narrative and Commenting

CXO-Cockpit was built to support all aspects of the reporting cycle. One of the most critical aspects of this process is the ability to capture, manage and distribute comments and narratives. The commenting functionality is a strong example of the financial intelligence of the CXO-Cockpit single reporting solution: facilitating the commenting process without the need of generic office tooling.


Managing Comments and Narratives

The finance managed CXO-Designer administrator interface allows for granular roles and rights concerning the ability of individual users to create, edit, view or share commentary. In CXO-Cockpit, end-users can utilize administrative workflows to automate, copy, roll-up and lock comments where needed to eliminate repetitive manual tasks. 

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Start a conversation with the right people at any time. The conversation feature will save the current Point of View (POV) and all in-report selections sharing that exact report view with the other conversation participants.

Chat in real time, get instant notifications, Drive conversations about the information in the reports with people from the business.

You can also choose to receive any incoming notification in your email, that way you don’t miss important updates.


Point of View Comments

These comments are specific to a certain point of view and report and can be reviewed by other users with access to the specific report and point of view. 

Line Item Comments

CXO-Cockpit allows for comments to be added to all levels, views and hierarchies. All the way down to a specific list line in a multi column report. 

Sharing Storyboards 

Increase collaboration by sharing storyboards, users can share storyboards and edit them as a team. Working together on the story of performance, preparing a management meeting or collaborating on the monthly reporting pack.

Audit-Trail for Commenting 

CXO-Cockpit logs all changes to the comments added reports, resulting in a valuable audit-trail for reporting narrative.

Bookmark Comments

Bookmark comments are specific to a unique URL link that can be shared securely with other CXO-Cockpit users. 

Adding annotations to reports on an Ipad

System announcements

With the new System Announcements it’s now easy for admins to make updates or inform the whole organisation instantly, making company-wide communication easier and more efficient.