Financial and Performance Reporting Software

At CXO Solutions we help Finance teams all over the world with our reporting software to make the transition from a report-generating cost center, to a value-added provider of strategic insight for the entire organization.

We offer an alternative to outdated and error-prone Excel-driven processes; the low ‘financial intelligence’ of generic BI tools; and, most importantly, the lack of time allowed during reporting cycles for added-value analysis and insight. Are you ready to transform static spreadsheet based reporting, into Strategic Performance Reporting?

Financial Reporting in the Modern Age

The speed of change in the digital landscape is relentless. Yet, the Office of Finance seems to lack an adequate technology focus. Especially when it comes to high quality financial reporting. Teams focused on providing monthly operational and financial reports often still do so via PowerPoint and Excel. At CXO Solutions we believe that companies need to move beyond spreadsheets and allow smart financial reporting applications to analyse enterprise performance.




Eliminate Coded Spreadsheets

Say ‘Good bye’ to the highly error prone spreadsheet reporting! Our CXO-CubeCalcs offer the full flexibility of spreadsheet-coding with the control of a centrally managed solution.


Out of the Box Templates

As the Financial and Performance reporting experts, we understand what you are looking for. That's why our reporting software comes packed with reporting templates!


Agile Decision Making

We provide relevant financial and performance dashboards. Making insights actionable for executives supports to speed up the decision-making processes in the boardroom



Finance managed reporting solutions

Financial Insight and Analytics

Financial information is only one of the many pillars required to provide truly in-depth analytics and insight. In a competitive landscape companies need more than just accurate financial statements and reports. You need predictive analytics in order to make effective decisions with limited information and time, our platform gives you a full overview of the current financial figures and non-financial data, together with forecasting capabilities.



Performance Tiles

Have all Key Performance Indicators in a single overview for fast insight and comparison and gain a broad perspective on overall company performance.


Dig deep and Drill Down

Go deeper into the data by drilling down to the base sub-categories and find deeper insights and understand what makes up the figures.


Predictive Analytics

Foresee trends, focus on the data that actually matters and plan ahead to  help your company move forward.



Turn Financial Reporting into Financial Storytelling

Every financial is expected to support critical decision making by offering the key insights. But only few ever get past the basic financial reporting process of getting the number right. Our software speeds up the financial reporting process, enabling a faster close and leaving more time for guiding end users to key insights with our commenting and narrative functionality


Finance managed reporting solutions


Point of View Comments

Start a conversation with the right people at any time. The conversation feature will save the current Point of View (POV) and all in-report selections, sharing that exact report view.


Commenting & Narrative

One of the most critical aspects of the financial process is the ability to capture, manage and distribute comments and narratives. This is a strong example of the financial intelligence of the CXO-Cockpit!


Sharing Storyboards

Share storyboards and edit them as a team. Work together on the story of performance and prepare a compelling monthly reporting pack for the C-level suite.



Pre-Built EPM Connectivity


The key differences between our reporting platform and generic Business Intelligence software is how we connect to the datstructures in EPM systems. The strength of our direct connectivity is that we can present and visualize the data in a formatted way, ordered exactly how a CEO and CFO look at it. CXO-Cockpit offers real-time and actionable insight into all leading EPM Source Systems including Oracle, SAP, OneStream, MS SSAS and Tagetik.



EPM Connectivity

Our software is built to connect to EPM systems and does this in a very clever way that results in a platform with an optimal balance between flexibility and maintenance.


Multi-source Connectivity

With CXO-Cockpit you can combine multiple EPM sources into one financial reporting environment. This ensures a complete view and actionable insights.


Data Warehouse Adapter

The Data Warehouse Adapter allows you to upload any kind of spreadsheet data to CXO-Cockpit. This new source can then be used to build new reports or enrich existing reports.



CXO-Cockpit Strategic Performance Reporting