System admins convey EPM intelligence to end users

Delivering the complete EPM intelligence and the value of financial systems to end users, through dynamics EPM dashboards and pre-built connectivity. 

Use your EPM intelligence

Financial systems contain a wealth of intelligence built up out of multi/dimensional hierarchies and structures and complex metadata. Reporting processes relying on generic BI or spreadsheets tools often require a rebuild or even a complete loss of that intelligence. CXO-Cockpit inherits the finance specific structures and offers them to the end users through executive friendly dashboards. 

Inherit the EPM intelligence through executive friendly dynamic dashboards

Pre-Built EPM Connectors

Consuming financial intelligence

Inherit structures, hierarchies and meta-data. Eliminate the need for staging data.

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Centrally governed business rules

Control and manage calculations with excel like formulas MDX programming. 

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Multi Source Reporting

One dashboard, multiple sources

Enrich financial reporting with multiple financial and non-financial data sources

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