Make confident decisions based on trusted insights

In a competitive environment, CFOs need an agile and controlled reporting process to deliver actionable insights faster.

Agile Reporting

CXO-Cockpit is centrally owned and governed by finance. Finance no longer depends on IT to create new performance management reports.

Instead finance is enabled to create, manage and distribute reports themselves. Guarantying an optimal time to insight and an agile reporting process.

Actionable Insights for CFOs

Trusted Insights

  • Replace Excel-sheet data manipulation and hard coded formulas, with centrally managed reporting rules. 
  • Make sure all stakeholders are looking at the same data, by replacing data exports with live EPM connectivity.
  • Create a complete Business narrative with commentary workflows.

Web-Based Reporting

Trusted insight, Anywhere, Anytime.

Guided self-service analysis for non financial users on any device.




Guided to relevant Insight

Get the point across by composing dynamic reporting pack. 

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EPM Connectivity

A single version of the truth

Confident decisions are made based on a trusted single version of the data.

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