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Finance and Performance Analytics for OneStream

CXO-Cockpit is a fully integrated reporting solution for OneStream which provides web-based and mobile dashboards and reports from one single reporting environment.

As a result, you can directly access the correct key financial information from anywhere at anytime.

CXO-Cockpit Reporting Solution enables OneStream customers to:

  • Make the reporting cycle shorter, cheaper and less error prone
  • Deliver key financial information via a web browser or a mobile device in a simple and intuitive way
  • Simplify the report building process by utilizing pre-built best-practice reporting templates
  • Introduce flexibility to the reporting process through a finance-managed tool
  • Fully leverage the CPM intelligence you have in OneStream

CXO-Cockpit Reporting Solution

CXO-Cockpit believes in the agility of the OneStream Extensible Framework and its capabilities to serve the larger enterprises with an integrated Financial & Planning Consolidation solution. With this new adapter, CXO is able to serve the quickly-growing OneStream community with financial intelligence solutions and empower collaboration within finance teams with structured narratives that will lift financial storytelling to a whole new level.

Integration Adapter

The CXO-Cockpit integration has been developed in collaboration with the OneStream team and the technology has been certified by OneStream. For CXO-Cockpit customers, the integration adapter is available immediately. In the near future, the adapter will become available for OneStream customers through the OneStream XF MarketPlace.

Connecting OneStream to CXO-Cockpit