Reporting Solution for SAP BW

CXO-Cockpit Reporting Solution for SAP BW delivers fast output from SAP BW and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse systems to provide web-based and mobile dashboards and reports from one single reporting environment.


Dynamic Reporting

Due to a special pre-built connector to the SAP BW environment, CXO-Cockpit is capable of turning SAP BW into a dynamic Web-based and Mobile reporting platform. The CXO-Cockpit reporting suite seamlessly connects to the SAP BW Infoprovider cubes, unlocking the full power of SAP BW in financial reporting and mobile dashboard.

Reporting Solution for SAP BW


Enabling SAP BW customers to:

  • Simplify the reporting process connecting directly to the SAP BW Netweaver or MS SSAS Cubes;
  • Access SAP BW data in real-time anytime, anywhere through web-based and mobile dashboards;
  • Utilize a single suite for report building, mobile access and web dashboards;
  • Better leverage EPM financial intelligence through out-of-the-box best-practice financial reports;
  • Put Finance in control with reporting solution managed by Finance.

Fast Implementation

Traditionally, deploying reporting and analytical dashboards on top of SAP BW can result in lengthy and costly implementation projects of individual single purpose tools. With CXO-Cockpit you do not need separate software components for Mobile reporting. Everything is included in one solution: The CXO-Cockpit Reporting Suite for SAP BW. Within 3 weeks, we can set up a fully functional SAP BW mobile reporting suite on top of your data as part of our Proof of Concept service.


Reporting Solution for SAP BW


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