Reporting Solution for SAP BPC

CXO-Cockpit is a fully integrated and cost-effective reporting solution for SAP BPC (BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation) which provides web-based reports and mobile dashboards from one single reporting environment.



CXO-Cockpit Reporting Solution enables SAP BPC customers to:

  • Simplify the reporting process with a direct connection to your data source;
  • Access BPC data in real-time anytime, anywhere through web-based and mobile dashboards;
  • Utilize a single suite for report building, mobile access and web dashboards;
  • Eliminate the errors associated with native and generic reporting tools;
  • Maintain a reporting solution that can be easily managed by EPM and finance teams.
Reporting Solutions for SAP BPC



With CXO-Cockpit you can turn your Excel based reporting process into a dynamic web-based and mobile reporting platform with one single software suite. Finance is put back in control of maintaining all reports, including mobile dashboards, through the same central maintenance software without lengthy and expensive SAP BI (BusinessObjects) projects.

Netweaver and Microsoft Cubes

CXO-Cockpit is available for the Microsoft and Netweaver platforms for SAP BPC, for all available verions, and plugs in directly on the OLAP database. Moreover, CXO-Cockpit drills down into any and all existing BPC hierarchies and therefore does not require the re-creation of data models/universes.

SAP HANA Connectivity

Do you run SAP BPC on HANA? CXO-Cockpit has a direct connector to SAP HANA so you can take maximum benefit of the In-Memory technology.


Connecting SAP BPC directly to CXO-Cockpit

Reporting Solution for SAP BPC


Reporting Solution for SAP BPC


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