Reporting Solution for Oracle Essbase

CXO-Cockpit Reporting Solution for Oracle Essbase provides web-based and mobile dashboards and reports from one single reporting environment. As a result, you can directly access the correct key financial information from anywhere at anytime.


An Alternative to Excel

As with many OLAP systems, the output from Oracle Essbase is primarily Excel driven. As a consequence, the periodic reporting process is potentially complex and error prone. The output is often large stacks of paper reports that are hard to analyze and digest by senior management and cannot be distributed via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Within a week, the CXO-Cockpit Reporting Solution is capable of turning your Excel based reporting process into a dynamic Web-based and Mobile reporting platform for all your Essbase data. You can maintain all your dashboards and reports, including our Mobile output, via the same central maintenance software without lengthy and expensive BI or IT projects. 

Oracle Essbase Reporting


CXO-Cockpit Enables Oracle Essbase users to:

  • Make the reporting cycle shorter, cheaper and less error prone
  • Deliver key financial information via a web browser or a mobile device in a simple and intuitive way
  • Simplify the report building process by utilizing pre-built best-practice reporting templates
  • Introduce flexibility to the reporting process through a finance-managed tool 
  • Fully leverage the EPM financial intelligence you have in Essbase


Connecting Oracle Essbase to CXO-Cockpit

Oracle Essbase


Reporting Solution for Oracle Essbase


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