Why? Because CXO-Cockpit:

  • Understands EPM

    No need to rebuild any financial intelligence in an analytical data layer or staging environment;
    CXO-Cockpit inherits, understands and uses the EPM intelligence based in Pre-built EPM Connector.

  • Enables Financial Storytelling

    True financial Storytelling, with Best Practice Reports and dynamic Reporting Packs with both the numbers and the Commentary.

  • Creates Actionable Insights

    Interactive web-based reporting dashboards offer executives and the business intuitive guided analysis, anywhere, anytime

  • Guarantees a Single Version of the Truth

    Eliminate the problems associated with a manual spreadsheet based financial reporting system by providing a centrally managed Reporting Rule Layer for calculations management and connect live to all your EPM data sources.

  • Supports Commentary & Narratives

    Collect commentary live on each dashboard at every division and entity within the organisation and roll this up to the group level for amalgamation and insertion at the group reporting layer.

The Advantages of Connecting Directly to EPM

There is no longer a need to distribute data exports from EPM – Request Report changes – Manipulate data manually in hard coded spreadsheets – Rebuild financial intelligence in analytical data layers – Share comments in unsecure office files – Analyze static paper reporting books – Discuss the quality of the numbers.

Instead look at the live EPM data – Let finance create, manage and distribute reports – Centrally manage reporting rules – Leverage financial intelligence to reports – Share comments with secure links – Analyze dynamic dashboards – Discuss the actions based on the insight.