Why? Because CXO-Cockpit:

  • Enables Financial Storytelling

    Convey the story behind the data with best practice reporting packs that offer with guided analysis. Learn more

  • Understands EPM

    No need to recreate financial intelligence in analytical data layers, that is within your EPM system. Learn more

  • Creates Actionable Insights

    Interactive reporting dashboards offer executives intuitive guided analysis, anywhere, anytime. Learn More

  • Guarantees a Single Version of the Truth

    Eliminate spreadsheet based reporting by centrally managing reporting rules and connecting real-time to EPM data. Learn More

  • Supports Commentary & Narratives

    Centrally manage the complete process of gathering, managing and sharing commentary to create a complete reporting narrative. Learn More

The Advantages of Connecting Directly to EPM

There is no longer a need to distribute data exports from EPM – Request Report changes – Manipulate data manually in hard coded spreadsheets – Rebuild financial intelligence in analytical data layers – Share comments in unsecure office files – Analyze static paper reporting books – Discuss the quality of the numbers.

Instead look at the live EPM data – Let finance create, manage and distribute reports – Centrally manage reporting rules – Leverage financial intelligence to reports – Share comments with secure links – Analyze dynamic dashboards – Discuss the actions based on the insight.